Rio Rudan Experimental Monitoring system data

Data from the INADEF monitoring stations installed by ARPAV on Rio Rudan are now available on this website (position and instrumentation of each station are reported here).

Data regarding the cumulative precipitation at the minute, hour and 24h scale are available for monitoring stations 1 and 2. Furthermore, it is possible to visualize the images from the 4 webcams on the site: the size of each image can be increased by clicking on it. Data are updated hourly, every 5 min in case of heavy rain.

The monitoring system is EXPERIMENTAL, data are not guaranteed to be always up-to-date.

Data from the Rio Rudan Experimental monitoring system can be found on the Rio Rudan page (link), or via the ARPAV webpage (link).

Preview of the Web page for the visualisation of the Rio Rudan monitoring system for the INADEF Project.
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