New installation of Inadef monitoring stations on Rio Rudan

3 new monitoring stations of the INADEF project were installed during the month of July 2021. They are located along the Rio Rudan, that has experienced 2 debris flow events of significant dimension during the 2020 alone. The effects of those debris flows have been mitigated by the hydrogeological defence works and the monitoring and warning system in place. 

2 rain gauges and 4 night vision cameras have been installed: one rain gauge and one camera at the middle of the river basin (around 1450 m a.s.l); one rain gauge and one camera in the village of Peaio di Cadore near the slit check dam (910 m a.s.l.); two cameras on the Alemagna national road bridge, to monitor the artificial channel. The new sensors are an upgrade (for experimental applications only at this early stage) of the monitoring system already in place along the Rio Rudan. The pre-existing system includes two rain gauges at an altitude of 2140 m a.s.l, where debris flows are usually triggered, and 7 trip wires closely upstream of the dam, to detect the passage of the debris flow.

The system was designed to give support to local administrations, especially for Civil Protection applications, and collect useful data about debris flow dynamics. The collected data will be fundamental to test the reliability of the INADEF model for debris flow forecasting.

INADEF station near the slit check dam in Peaio of Vodo di Cadore

La stazione INADEF a metà del bacino del Rio Rudan, 1450 m s.l.m.
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